Thursday, August 11, 2011

A little guy with the wings at his feet

Usually I do not like sculptures. They are too dead for me.
But this little, tiny guy, standing on Dluga Street in Gdansk
is just lovely and very much alive.
No one see him, every body is looking at his huge
neibourough, Neptun, standing close to him.
Here he is - always in motion..


  1. This is a nice one Maria.... i like it.

    have a nice day.


  2. Sublime Maria
    have a nice day

  3. yes so alive ! beautiful one !

  4. You should like them Maria...they are waking up at night and have a party, they are alive...just kidding :))
    This little guy is really fun, he seems to be jumping into the night sky.
    It's a great shot!

  5. Very nice photo.
    Greetings Andrzej.

  6. This is HERMES !
    An ancient Greek God for bringing the news to other gods or people.
    The winds are to run fast and he holds the "kerekeon" that is the sing of his power
    to break in every place in the world.
    He is one of the 12 gods of ancient Greeks
    and nowadays is the firm for the Greek post offices and other delivery services.
    Have a good day from
    in Glyfada, Greece.

  7. I love the variety of your blogposts. The photo,s are pleasant to see.This silhouette special.

  8. this picture is great! I love it. you were at the right place at the right time, capturing the flying bird too!!

  9. Excelente!!!
    Me gusta mucho!
    Feliz día!

  10. Love it! Silhuetten mot himmelen er veldig flott.

  11. Ja go widziałam i też mi się ogromnie podobał! Super zdjęcie:)

  12. Maria, to answer to your question, I play
    with photoshop ! thank you for your nice
    words !

  13. Thanks Maria for your comment. I also like your work. The for this entry is a wonderful backlighting. Kisses!

  14. It almost looks like he is jumping from rooftop to rooftop!
    Well done!

  15. Καλημερα απο την Ελλαδα....
    OErmis is one of the most curious, most talented, but more unpopular Olympian gods. Son of Zeus and Maia, driver and front passenger living and dead, herald and messenger of the gods, patron of youth, pastoralists, athletes and thieves. The birth of competent and epinoitikotatou God placed in Arcadia and in particular mountain Kyllini. There, in a cave, lived a secluded from the seven daughters of the 'Atlas and Pliionis, the shy Pleiades Maia. In this cave, located by the flirtatious Zeus was united with her. There ten months after the immortal nymph brought the world the fruit of love with Jupiter, Mercury small miracle.
    Hello from Greece and ΣτάΛες στο ΓαΛάΖιο blog team !!!

  16. Magnifico contraluz, yo no soy mucho de estatuas, pero esta merecía la pena

  17. En vakker skulptur, men så elsker jeg skulpturer jeg da :-) Nydelig siluettbilde!

  18. Śliczne zdjęcie zrobiłaś, jakby chmur dotykał. Pozdrawiam cieplutko

  19. Veldig fint synes jeg! Flott silhuett i motlyset!

  20. Nydelig fanget siluett Maria! Og fuglen i flukt krydrer bildet. God helg til deg!

  21. Brilliant work!!

    Greetings from Spain!!

  22. Fabulous interpretation of this "little gy" in beautifully photographed against a blue sky...I do love the surroundings also...!

    You are right; THIS sculpture is truly very lovely, Maria!!

    Your photos are FANTASTIC, you got a truly MAGIC EYE for touching, fascinating and wonderful moments!!!!!

    Thanks so very much for stepping in my Tuscany, I appreciated it very much!!
    (Yes, Cinghy-Jasmine will get big quick and we have to get organized....!!)

    ciao ciao elvira

  23. Stilig ... ser ut som gutten flyr bortover hustakene! Liker silhuetten og vinkelen du har valgt som gir denne effekten.

    Det kribler i føttene etter å komme meg avsted ... for reiselysten blir så pirret når jeg ser bildene deres! Har aldri vært i nærheten av Polen før, men det håper jeg virkelig at jeg skal få rettet opp en dag!

    Nyt dagene ... klem fra Irene

  24. Magnifico contraluz de Hermes, el mensajero de los dioses, con sus pies alados...

    Un abrazo, amiga

  25. Det gjorde seg godt med siluettbilde av denne statuen! Han ser absolutt ikke liten ut, slik du har avbildet ham. Jeg synes det ser ut som at han lokker fuglen til seg, med den bøyde fingeren; "kom da, kom da, og hold meg med selskap". :-) Godt jobbet!

  26. LOVE this silhouetted statue!
    Wonderful capture!

  27. Hælle dussan som æ har kost meg tilgangs her denne kvelden :-) også Gdansk da, en by en kjenner så lite til, en by en har hørt og vet så lite om, og nå vil en gjerne dit å du :-))spennend og spennde.

    Siluettbildene dine er så flotte, det sorte mot det lyse. Minner med om slike utklippsbilder bestemora mi hadde på veggen. Siluetter av damer med hatt, i små runde rammer i sort. Kjekt å tenke tlbakepå, og nå kom faktisk de gode minnene også.

    Varm klem til deg i kvelden :-) fra mæ